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“I'd walked past this store for years until my new beau waltzed me into this fantastic store.
It will knock your sox off ...and have you wanting new sox in every color of the rainbow.
Just be prepared to be dazzled. Gene Hiller's is Male Shopping Mecca. The extraordinary inventory will take your breath away. Seriously. I haven't seen a Men's Store of this calibre - in decades. The staff is gracious, very very smart, and efficient. The cutting edge styles, the vibrant colors, the elegance...you won't believe you are in Sausalito - it feels like Rome and New York City.” – Kae D. (Yelp)
“I am a second generation Gene Hiller client as my dad started shopping there in the 70's. I am not a wealthy or overly 'fancy' guy and frankly I prefer worn out flip flops or dirty cowboy boots to dress shoes.  However, I have always appreciated the need and value of a well tailored suit and shirt through my years in business and that is where I rely on Gene Hiller.

There is no sales pitch when you shop here.  There is no 'upsell'.  Regardless of whom you work with when you go there -Mitch, Wayne, Jaime, Derrick, Tom, you name him- you can know that you will receive the best direction on styles that fit your goal.  Yes, Gene Hiller is not for everyone as many purchases exceed the price of something similar at a department store but the difference is in the quality of the product and its lifespan in your closet. There is a difference.

The staff at Gene Hiller are made up of a broad demographic whom have all been there for many years and there are certain people on the staff that I look to when I am wanting for a certain style.  When I do shop there -which is maybe once a year- they are quick to remember my wife and kids names with zero pretension.  And pretentious Gene Hiller is not as there is a true care and love for their clientele whether you purchase multiple suits a year or perhaps a lone tie on a rare occasion.” – Knuckles N. (Yelp)
“This store has FANTASTIC customer service!   Tom was very quick to respond to my concerns and went over and above to make sure my order was correct and arrived on time.   The care and attention I received has earned them a customer for life and I will make sure my friends and family know what quality products and great customer service they provide. Highly recommend!!!” – Julianna N. (Yelp)
“Derrick and the guys are in tune to your needs.  I love seeing my hubby and son dressed in Gene Hiller clothes.  I also have a coat.  Great place to shop!” – Bill G. (Yelp)
“Where do I even start with this amazing place?! My boyfriend is in LOVE with everything about Gene Hiller Menswear and I completely understand why.
First of all, when you walk in, whether you're meeting Tom for the first time or you're his brother, he makes you feel like family. I've met him twice and he never fails to make me or my boyfriend feel so special and welcomed. He greets us both with a warm smile and hug, and he is the definition of classy - kind, gentle, professional, friendly, and so much more. He also validates your parking if you need a few hours (which, to take in the whole store, you will!).
Second, if you or someone you know has issues with clothes not fitting right, you NEED to come here. My boyfriend has had multiple shirts, a sports jacket, and a suit from him and GHM's tailoring and quality is constantly IMPECCABLE. Since my boyfriend is tall and slim, he often finds it difficult to have clothes fit him well. With Tom and the rest of GHM, he no longer has this issue. Everything from here fits him PERFECTLY. If you need a shirt the day of and you find the style/pattern/color/etc that you like in the store, they will have it tailored and ready for you in an hour.
Third, they have anything you could ever want or need to be the best dressed man around. Colorful or classic colored silk button ups, high quality tuxedos of multiple styles, stylish scarves and handkerchiefs...I could go on. You can't and won't be disappointed.
I definitely always look forward to coming here - as should you! 10000% recommend to anyone and everyone.
P.S. My boyfriend is wearing his Gene Hiller Menswear suit in my Yelp picture - check it out” – Mio W. (Yelp)
“Absolutely,  with no doubt, the best men's clothing store in the SF Bay Area. They have super high-quality products, offer free in-store tailoring, and absolute expert staff.

I absolutely love going to Gene Hiller, have always been delighted with my purchases, and everything I have bought there has an exceptional longevity. Should you be very price sensitive, just go during a sale. You'll find a great bargain. I always do. 

If/Whenyou visit, ask for Jaime. I've been shopping with him for years and can, without reservation, say that he is the top expert in men's clothing I have ever met.” – Jack D. (Yelp)
“The first two places we stopped in for some shopping on the main strip were less than pleasing. At first, I thought this was going to be a third spot to receive poor service and I would have said Sausalito is definitely lacking in customer service. The gentleman that I first saw as I entered made eye contact with me but did not say anything to me. Sometimes I think people won't waste their breath because they think you won't buy anything. Well, I wasn't going to say anything to him, it wasn't my job. It's his.  And you don't know how much money I have so you're loss!

I walked to the left of the split staircase and saw another gentleman looking at me. He hesitated saying anything to me but worked up a small smile.  I looked around and didn't see any ties and asked him where they were. He said upstairs. Now I had an excuse to go up those stairs. I found some ties and the gentleman with the directions followed me up there after a brief delay. He asked if I was looking to match an existing suit, but I was looking for a friend who is currently interviewing. I browsed the store and they had quite the variety. They were pricey ties but since I didn't know much about menswear, I thought I'd find another place another time, probably with a trusted friend for guidance.” – Bernadette M. (Yelp)
“Went to Sausalito for the day with my sweetie! We walked by this store and he saw the most plush robe in the window. We were both drooling over it. I wanted to take him in to look at it. Except he wasn't sure they would have his size. He's over 6 foot. So a today I called the store. Very professional response. I was impressed. I'm waiting to hear if they have the robe. If so I can't wait to order it. Wow thanks for the great service.” – Jamie S. (Yelp)
“There isn't a store in San Francisco to compare to this establishment. Great - really great - staff who know fashion, fabric and styles inside out.
Simply the best.” – Red J (Yelp)
“WOW - this place rocks for sure! However, you need a pretty big rock to buy here - so bring your credit cards!

The selection of the very best of men's clothing is right here and the variety is outstanding. The staff are exceptionally friendly and able to assist in answering your questions. I learned how to fold a pocket square here and the selection of pocket squares was outstanding.

They has some of the most amazing shirts too - I found one for about $500.00 and know I would rock it for sure! 

Clean - friendly - very upscale and very cool to shop! The gift wrapping is also AMAZING!” – Tom D. (Yelp)
“My fiance and I were searching for a tie for me for our wedding. We wandered into Gene Hiller while spending the day in Sausalito. Despite looking like hoodlums, Wayne provided excellent service and understood exactly what we needed. He took the time to lay out options and talk things through with us but we never felt pressured. We ended up buying a tie which he was going to send to us since we were on bicycles and didn't have a safe way to transport the tie. He sent the tie with a note that he had noticed a few pulls in the fabric which I noticed also upon close inspection. The note asked me to call him which I did. A new tie had been ordered and would be sent at no charge. I am impressed with the professionalism and service and I will be back. Enjoy.” – Matt R. (Yelp)
“Gene Hiller.  All you have to do is walk in this place and let the staff do the rest.  Fantastic service!  Wayne set me up with a Canali suit and tie that is just stunning.  Franco provided expert tailor work.  The final product just has to be seen/felt in person.  It may cost a bit more to shop here, but the experience is well worth it.  Face it, how many suits/sport coats does the average person buy?  Go for the best in service and quality.  Go to Gene Hiller!” – Kevin B (Yelp)
This is the ultimate men's clothing store!  I'm talking men, not boys...

Words cannot give this place justice.  Their clothes selection is amazing.  Conservative, but loaded with style!  Their suits are PERFECT.  Their shirts are BEAUTIFUL.

I know my ties....  And I know how to pick them...  At Gene Hiller, it took me a while to pick two out.  Trust me, i could have walked out with many more .  But my limit was two ties.  I get compliments all the time on them.  All the time.

Now, I get a catalog on their store every few months too!  Something on the GQ side.

Price?  It really ranges from moderate to high.  But I haven't seen obscene.  I'll buy my next suit from them.  That's for sure.  If you want business/dressy/semi-formal/formal attire, look no further. – R.G. (Yelp)
“I've shopped for high quality menswear all over the bay area, and this is absolutely the best place to go.  Wayne and team provide a level of knowledge and service that has simply become a lost art at other stores.  This is the best total value if you want quality menswear with fantastic service.  I come up from the south bay to buy here, which speaks volumes.” – Erik A. (Yelp)
“For the classiest and sexiest men's fashion in the Bay Area and almost anywhere else, Gene Hiller (in Sausalito) is a special place for men.   Whether looking for something new to impress the girl (boy) friend (or in-laws?) or in the board room, the superb suits, sport coats, shirts, ties, dress shoes and other accessories are exquisite.  Most of the clothing is Italian and the latest (yet timeless) fashion from Milan or as seen in GQ and Esquire.

And, this place is fun.  Wayne, the General Manager, Derrick, Tom and the other staff have great taste and, more importantly, the judgment and finesse regarding what's right (and wrong) depending on the circumstances and your own personal style.  Clothing like this is an investment (yes $$$) and these guys guide well without being pushy.  Once you've selected the perfect Canali, Zegna or similar suit, Hiller's amazing long time stalwart, Franco, is the best men's tailor around.  He can perfectly tailor not only the coat and slacks, but also the shirt and even the belt.  Better yet, once purchased, they will alter your suit for as long as you own it at no charge.” – John G (Yelp)
“Gene Hiller Menswear is not only a superb men's store, the staff is incredible with extensive knowledge of their products.  Personal service is a guarantee when you enter the doors of Gene Hiller Menswear in Sausalito.  I have bought several items as gifts.  It is also great to work with them on photo shoots and video productions.” – Victoria N. (Yelp)
“Men, this is YOUR store! We women will love your purchases and love you in them!

The moment my boyfriend and I entered through their doors, I knew why he can't stop talking about Gene Hiller. I'm new to the world of nice menswear, but as a woman, I know when men look sharp! About a month ago, I finally got to see my guy in his Gene Hiller/Canali suit. I had a heart stopping, speechless moment! Thanks to their beautiful suits and tailoring work, it fits him flawlessly.

End of season shopping? Not a problem here. We were looking for shirts for warm weather and saw how beautifully made long sleeve shirts, like Robert Graham, had wonderful details on the cuffs. They let us know that any of those shirts could be made into a one-of-a-kind short sleeve shirt by their tailor. At Gene Hiller, any tailoring they do is included with your purchase. With options like that, you can shop with ease. They also carry handsome belt buckles, artistically made cuff links, ties, and anything else you need to complete the look.

The sales staff are wonderful! My boyfriend tells me that whenever he stops by, they know his name and give him a bottle of water or a glass of wine as he shops. Even though Wayne, the gentleman assisting us, is WAY more of an expert than I am, he made me feel like I was just as helpful and important. They're not afraid to say, "Oh no, take that off!" if something doesn't look good. Whether it's opening up the collar to show off a little detail or adding another shirt underneath, they know all the little tricks to make you look your best.

You can't leave here without checking out the upper section filled with suits from European makers like Canali, Brioni, and Eton. I was truly envious! The fabrics not only feel and look exquisite, but the unexpected combination of colors and textures on display are so well put together. Their items appeal to both older and younger guys who are seeking better quality, style options, and service.

If they opened up a Gene Hiller for Women, I would be in heaven!” – Kita R. (Yelp)
“I've been shopping in this store for 18 years. Simply put: if you want your man to be the best dressed - bring him to Gene Hiller store. 
Prices are less expensive if you buy same designer's clothes in Milan or anywhere in Europe..and you don't have to make the trip!
Timeless and extraordinary quality pieces, excellent service from helping you to pick up what looks the best to in-store alteration. 
Try it for the experience you will never forget.” – Natasha N. (Yelp)
This is one of my favorite stores of all time and their customer service is exceptional.” – Todd (Facebook)
“Gene Hiller is simply the best source of the very best quality men's clothing in North America. I never miss an opportunity to drop in whenever i get to San Francisco. Ask for Wayne!” – Irwin Gilbert
“A wonderful experience in the finest of clothes and service. Very few stores are like this.” – Kurt R. Carberry (Facebook)
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