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Gene Hiller is proud to carry Brioni Italian suits and sportswear. Brioni opened its first shop in Rome in 1945. Master Taylor Nazareno Fonticoli and his business partner Gaetano Savini brought their fine Italian suits to America in 1954. Their debut in New York was a great success, and now exclusive stores across the country carry their fine clothing. Brioni clothing is hand-sewn by expert tailors who must serve a 4-year apprenticeship to learn how to work with the 5,000 different fabrics used to make these superior Italian suits. It takes a tailor 30 to 35 hours to create this amazing garment! Brioni is the suit preferred by the famous fictional Agent 007, James Bond, as well as notable celebrities such as Kirk Douglas, Henry Fonda, Clark Gable, Rock Hudson, Anthony Quinn, Robert Wagner, John Wayne, Robert Kennedy, and Nelson Mandela.

Canali is one of the first labels that come to mind when you think of Italian clothing. Brothers Giovanni and Giocommo Canali opened their tailoring shop in Italy where they became known for their fine worksmanship. The 1950s saw an expansion of the business as the second-generation contributed to Canali's growing reputation and sophistication.  In the 1970s Canali went international, and by the 1980s, 50% of all Canali products were exports.  Although Canali is known more for fine Italian suits, they also manufacture shirts, ties, belts, and shoes.  Let the experts at Gene Heller fit you in a fine Canali wardrobe.

The history of the Ravazzolo family in the manufacturing of men's tailoring goes back to the beginning of last century, drawing from a past of tradition and knowledge.  At the beginning of the 50's the tailor's shop was transformed into an artisan workshop that already at the end of the same decade became an industrial tailoring company.  From that moment the main company objective for Ravazzolo was to always pursue the utmost quality in manufacturing garments that would achieve the highest expression. 

In 1970, Mr. Barizza and Mr. Miola founded the fashion house known under the brand name Pal Zileri.  Resisting the industry trend to send manufacturing off shore to save money, Pal Zileri has kept their fine clothing production and expertise in Italy.  The fashion experts at Gene Hiller can help you assemble a wardrobe from the Pal Zileri collection that will serve any occasion.

Corneliani fine Italian suits are made by master tailors in Italy with no compromise for quality and with unsurpassed attention to detail.  There is nothing like the feel of a Corneliani garment, because unlike mass produced garments, Corneliani suits are made by hand using the best fabrics from around the world.  Although Corneliani will give you an off-the-rack fit better than almost  any suit you can find, the expert tailors at Gene Hiller will fine tune the suit for you.  You will definitely have people commenting on how good you look in your Corneliani garments.

Santoni shoes: quality, craftsmanship, pursuit of perfection and creativity. These are the elements that, even in the presence of unending stylistic change, have transformed this craft into an art form. Shapes, structures, processes, techniques that arise not only from the experience and an innate aptitude at elegance, but a true culture of the shoe that began with the male shoe cobbler connoisseur, has been extended to an assortment of products and accessories.

The story of Eton started in 1928, in the small village of Ganghester, Sweden.  The young couple, David and Annie Pettersson, had both a unique eye for high quality and genuine craftsmanship, which later revolutionized the complete shirting industry.  Today, Eton's shirts and accessories can be found in the Gene Hiller store and the Gene Hiller online store.

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