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Dressing Champions since 1981

Ronnie Lott and I first met in his rookie season. He was nice enough not only to shop with me but to bring in the whole rookie secondary of the San Francisco 49ers. They were quite the dressers, and still are!
In their championship run back in 1981, Ronnie was eyeing a beautiful gray long cashmere overcoat. He told me, "Tom, if we go to the Super Bowl I'll be back for that coat."
Sure enough they beat the Cowboys in the NFC championship game, and were headed to Detroit for the Super Bowl against the Cincinnati Bengals.
Weather forecast: Snow.
Necessary equipment: Cashmere Overcoat.
Current champions being dressed by Gene Hiller Menswear include Pete Carroll of the Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks.
Dressing has always been a part of success, allow us to be part of your success!
Tom Gangitano
Sausalito, Ca
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