The Tradition of Gene Hiller Menswear

The Tradition of Gene Hiller Menswear

How has Gene Hiller Menswear evolved over 61 years? 

How do we continue to be a top ranked Mens Store??

Well it starts with our relationships with our over 30,000 clients.

Keeping in touch with our clients, and recording their history allows us to make intelligent recommendations.

Our longevity of staff is another part of our formula. Our sales consultants, managers and tailors have been with us no less than 20 years, and are renowned as 'The Best in The Business'..

Knowledge, service, and taste level are some of their attributes....

We are innovators in service, from our Digital Picture Valets, to our New Young Executive line of Clothing. We continue to make shopping fun & easy..

We, at Gene Hiller Menswear,  are students of Mens Fashion.

We believe you need to know the History Of Fashion in order to evolve.

Dressing is by criteria, events, and invokes emotion in you and the people around you.

When you wake up in the morning, one of your first thoughts are "What am i doing today", and then "What do I need to wear"..

Dressing allows us to feel confident, sexy, flamboyant, athletic, cool, or conservative..

Lets us start the conversation about menswear.

Whether its about Fashion History to current styles, or what to wear to certain events...

Pleats or non pleats, Single breasted or Double breasted, fancy socks or solid socks, cuffs or non cuffs, bow ties or long ties...

We will guide you to the style that best fits you....

We hope that our customers of new and old will venture into this new frontier with us.  We are excited to bring you the same quality service you cherish on such new digital platforms... 

Thanks for growing with us!


-Tom Gangitano, Owner/Buyer

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